Writing and book marketing should be a satisfying and enjoyable process. However, this is not always the case. 

It often seems like every bit of advice about book marketing starts with 'promote on social media'!

But it just not that easy.

In this article, you'll discover how to get more twitter followers as an aspiring author. From scratch. You'll also find out why branding matters and how to use likes and retweets in a way that will get you more twitter followers.

How to Get More Twitter Followers

The size of your Twitter following will directly impact on your book sales. 

It's a pretty simple calculation, the more engaged followers the more books you will sell. 

However, there's a huge difference between a Twitter following and the number of potential readers for your books. 

Not all followers will be potential readers. Also, not all followers will be fully engaged. 

But that's OK.

To create readers from your followers you must engage with them. You must develop a personal connection and 'talk' to them in a way that makes them feel part of your 'world'. 

You need to give them a reason to follow you. 

You must offer them a clear message and purpose to connect with you.

This is how to get more Twitter followers. 

As an aspiring author, share your knowledge and leave them needing more, tease them with content that is valuable to them and their lives and they won’t be able to stop themselves ordering your book. 

5 Simple Hacks For Using Twitter

Create Eye-catching Profile Pictures and Banners on Twitter

As people scroll through their twitter maze, it’s easy for you to get lost in the noise. 

Stand out. 

Be unique. 

Be unusual. 

Use bright colors and enticing backgrounds. Use your banner to promote your book but not in a spammy way. Be elegant. It's easy. Put a few copies on a table and create a display around the book. 

Simplicity is often the key.

When making one yourself consider use a limited color pallet with shapes and patterns.   

Look at what other authors are doing and aspire from them. 

This article will give you some good ideas.

Develop a Unique and Consistent Online Personality

Offer a unique personality that is relatable yet knowledgeable. 

Try to find a topic in which you are both knowledgeable and passionate. Share your wisdom. Passion is contagious. People will be drawn to you and what you love.

Look to help people by answer questions and offering advice. Do this with ant expectations of something in return. It will create personal and lasting contacts. 

Be consistent. Show up every day. This is important. Showing up builds trust.

Don’t be controversial unless it suits the persona you want to portray. Be cautious when it comes to politics. It's easy to alienate potential readers, so keep your views private. 

Create keywords and use them throughout your created content. Take a second to think about what your target reader values and incorporate this into your tone. 

Look for other writers who match the persona you are trying to create and share their content. Try to build a connection that is beneficial to both of you. This is how to get more Twitter followers.

Twitter following management and Twitter following statistics are both important to grow a following. Be vary of who you follow. People could be watching, you don't want to follow anyone who contradicts your message. Furthermore, Twitter following Statistics can be analysed in order to find out who isn't following you back and may not be interested. This way you can unfollow them and focus your attention on readers more worth your time. 

Using Likes & Retweets the Right Way

Begin to see likes and retweets differently. 

Retweets can be used to support fellow writers and grow a Twitter following but but don’t overdo it. 

Think about the message you want to create and don’t retweet content that goes against your identity. For example, retweeting news articles and adding your comment is a fast and easy way to share knowledge and gain a following. 

Likes should try to be used to highlight the most important tweets to you. Use them sparingly and you can create importance with the feature. Not only does having fewer likes highlight the core messages you want to display but it gives the person who you're liking a greater satisfaction, leading to lasting connections.

How would you feel if someone that only liked one tweet a day decided to like our tweet? 

The Power and Possibilities of Hashtags

Hashtags have many uses and can be used to increase your Twitter following. 

Use them with caution, only use ones that directly link to the readers you are trying to connect with. 

Hashtags such as ‘#WriterWednesday’ can be used to promote fellow writers and offer wisdom. Use ‘#fridayreades’ to show your readers what books you love. ‘#helpthewriters’ is a hashtag created for people to ask writing questions and share their knowledge to help other authors. 

Consider making your own hashtag, find a niche phrase, and make it your own. Remember, it must be something that other people want to include in their tweets, so make it general and avoid being too niche. 

Browse other hashtags and look for any common trends or topics which you could capitalize on and make your own. 

You can also use hashtags to search for new followers that suit your mission as a writer. 

Potential hashtags include:


Here is some more hashtags. 

The Hidden Gem that is Twittev

Twitter Lists are often underrated and when used correctly they have great power. 

When creating lists you can choose for them to be private or public. If private, then users will not know when they have been added to a list. However, when public, a user will get a notification when added to a list. 

Lists can be used in several creative ways. For example, 
create a private list called 'engaged readers'. Then, every time a connects with you, add them to this list. This means that you can keep track of these readers and like/retweet relevant tweets. They will be amazed that you remember them. 

Perhaps create a public list called ‘Publisher Influencers’ and add all of the agents you know. This will not only allow you to keep track of them, but they will also get a notification, showing you have added them to your list. 

You can also create lists of users that create quality content that fits your image, this way you don’t have to scroll through your hectic timeline to find relevant posts to like and retweet.

Furthermore, creating a list of credible writing sources and making it public for all of your fellow writers to see will position you as a caring, supportive author.

How to Create Twitter Lists?

On the Twitter Dashboard you should see the List Button above Profile. Click this and then click the paper button with a plus on it at the top right of the page. From here you can create your lists, just be aware what you make public!
This article will explain greater detail.

Final Thoughts

All of these tips will help you to build a following, but to guarantee the best results you must know your readership. An article I've written explains this in more detail.

In terms of how to get more Twitter followers think carefully about who you are writing for and what needs you are fulfilling; this may be psychological as well as physical. Create an identity that matches and is easily approachable. Show everyone that you are an aspiring author. Do this well and I guarantee you will grow a Twitter following and your book sales will increase.