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How To Write With Dialogue: Example Scenario

How to Write With Dialogue: Example Scenario
Writing with dialogue is tough.
Many writers wonder how to write with dialogue, even in 2020.
If you follow the techniques outlined in this guide, you will discover how to write with dialogue. 

You will be able to write more effective and revealing dialogue in your novels. The techniques will allow you to avoid writing with dialogue in a one-dimensional way.
With characters that fail to grasp the reader’s interest and imagination.

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Novel Word Count: Everything You Must Know In 2022

Novel Word Count: Everything you Must Know in 2022
As for average word count in a novel, it usually falls somewhere in the region of 80,000 words. The universally agreed minimum word count for a novel is around 40,000 words. If your book is below this word count, it will be considered a novella. I would strongly suggest that if your novel is sub-40,000 word count, you seriously consider expanding. Why?
Though novellas have their place, they are very difficult to sell to book publishers and you will find it hard to secure agent representation with a novella. So, as a rule of thumb the average word count in a novel is between 80,000 to 100,000 words. 

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The Importance Of Structure When Writing: Transform Your Novel Into A Masterpiece

The Importance of Structure When Writing: Transform your Novel into a Masterpiece
In this article, you will discover a set of techniques that will allow you to bring cohesion and a meaningful narrative arc to the structure of your novel. I will explain how to use the Five-Act structure to organise your writing as well as go into depth about the Three-Act structure. Allowing you to avoid producing confusing, and emotionally disappointing story narratives.

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Understanding The Role Of Conflict In Writing

Understanding The Role of Conflict in Writing
In this article, I will show you why understanding conflict will make you a better writer and help you to create engaging stories that capture the reader's imagination. I will also show you how to avoid creating boring and one-dimensional characters.

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Why Writing Is Like Telepathy

Why Writing is Like Telepathy
Creating a work of enduring value can be a difficult but rewarding process. Most writers, at some point on their writing journey, discover that transferring the world that is in their mind, into a story that engages and excites readers can be a frustrating experience. 

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How To Use Emotions To Create Memorable Stories

How to Use Emotions to Create Memorable Stories
In this article, you’ll discover how to evoke emotions within the reader, creating a powerful reading experience in the process.
You’ll find out that there are six basic emotions, but these emotions hide a range of additional feelings. You will also find out how to create characters that truthfully evoke these emotions

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