Guerrilla Marketing is becoming increasingly common in small business'. This is due to the low cost of the marketing technique and minimal amount of time required. When marketing a book online you can use the Guerrilla Marketing examples in this article to boost your sales, whilst keeping your pockets bulky and time at best use. 

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

A definition of Guerrilla Marketing is a low-cost marketing tactic implemented with the element of surprise. The term originates from 'Guerrilla Warfare' a war strategy used for smaller armies to ambush enemies larger and more capable. The internet, in particular social media, has allowed companies to implement this tactic regularly for free. Shocking tweets, unique competitions and surprise engagement with fans are just some examples of Guerrilla Marketing online. Anyone can use this marketing technique to gain attention, you don't have to be an expert Book Marketer. Although the technique must be carried out correctly. This article explains in greater detail the different types of Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla Marketers will stress the powers of the marketing strategy. Guerrilla Marketing often doesn't cost a penny, although the skill requires mastery to be most successful. Don't get me wrong, it's not all online. The marketing technique can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Some in real life. Some online. In particular, marketing a book online. 

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

In terms of Guerrilla Marketing ideas it is vital to know your readership or audience. Promotions are often controversial or on edge but when executed correctly quickly go viral. In relation to marketing a book online, competitions are a great way to grab a readerships attention. Make it almost too good to be true. Lifetime membership to your creations. A video showing how your book was created along with handwritten notes or sketches, free to anyone who purchases your book online. These are both great Guerrilla Marketing Examples to implement onto your readership. Be unique. Make people talk about you.

Companies use a bundle of techniques to market their products. Viral videos are a favoured approach. By studying trends the organisations understand what their customers want to see. This could be applied to marketing a book online. Don't see it as your video has to get one million views. I'm talking about going viral in your readership community. Your circle of readers and potential lovers of your book. The type of video ultimately depends on your audience. One example could be wearing a costume related to your book and walking through a local mall. You could pay someone to edit a video that looks like your book is on fire and drop it to the group, captioned  'too hot to handle'. Study your readership and begin to understand them, that is the key to marketing a book online.

Here’s an example of a video produced for a Christmas book.

Handwritten Notes

Source: Pintrest

Guerrilla Marketing Ideas must be relevant to your cause. What you are trying to achieve. Don't over do it. Don't try something to controversial and come across weird. Be aware of your readership. The key to marketing a book online is be aware of your surroundings. This includes the experts, the influencers. Respect them and acknowledge what they do. Often your readership is the same. Make sure to vocally support them. Wether this be through your actions on social media or what movements you promote. Giving away your book to these influencers is a great Guerrilla Marketing example. If they like your book, they will talk about it. With this your readership will grow.

Another Guerrilla Marketing Example is to sell your book is advertise in unlikely places. Leave notices in your local shops, bookstores, cafes. Wherever your potential readers may go. Sell you story. Explain you are a local author looking for readers to join your community. Offer free content with this. Many wouldn't have seen a local book advertised in this way, especially if you interact with your readers when handing out your promotions. This is what Guerrilla Marketing is all about. Being different. Surprising. Elegant. Here are some more Guerrilla Marketing Ideas specific to marketing a book online.

Benefits of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Doesn't cost a-lot of money to achieve.
  • Minimal Resources when it comes to Guerrilla Marketing, you often just need a recording device.
  • Usually not time consuming.
  • Builds long-lasting audience.
  • Unique and Memorable.

Some further benefits.

Disadvantages of Guerrilla Marketing

  • Sometimes can be risky.
  • Looks less complicated than it is to achieve desired result.
  • Often people underestimate the powers of Guerrilla Marketing and can result in an actual loss of audience.

Guerrilla Marketing Books

Gorilla Mindset incorporates this way of acting into real life scenarios. This free eBook available at Amazon will teach you how to make the most out of every situation and create a unique presence. 

Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

This extensive book is written specifically for Guerrilla Marketing. Use this to gain a deeper insight on the strategies involved in this technique and how they can be used when marketing a book online. You can purchase on Amazon.

Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson

Final Thoughts 

Guerrilla Marketing Examples must be used with caution. It is essential to understand your market before implementing any of them. Start off with low risk methods such as free book and content giveaways. Once you have gained trust from your readership and become known for your unique edge you should then attempt a more outrageous stunt.