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How To Market A Book: The Power Of Consistency

Social media is still new and many writers grew up in a world that had no computers, let alone a digital way to contact anyone in the world.

This means that many still have yet to learn the best way to engage.

Sometimes, writers are even doing what looks right, only to be shooting themselves in the foot.

You will often see authors offer loads of engagement; commenting and liking masses of posts on social media. This seems like the right approach, yes?

But think about it again; what does this do?

It conceals their identity.

Numbing it down.

Others create quality content but post it at the wrong times, in the wrong way, or offer no engagement once they have posted. Throwing it out to the world with a ‘build it and they will come’ attitude.

Some authors have a strong, well-formed online identity, create great content, and engage but have no consistency. That’s the three things you need for success but it’s ruined by lack of follow-through. It’s not all bad though. There is still hope. Hope in the form of consistency.

  • Consistency with your identity.
  • Consistency with your content.
  • Consistency with your engagement.

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How to Market a Book: The Power of Consistency

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