Looking for beta readers

Being a Writer • Asked 27 days ago by anbuza

Gravatar anbuza Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Have hybrid published my debut book Canaries Can't Cry. I've gotten excellent feedback from friends and people I don't know. Very encouraging. In reading it myself, I found many errors that I should have caught. I believe in my content (this book is an autobiography) and my writing). I'm now in the process of rewriting with the goal of releasing a revised edition. I'd like to get a beta reader before going to print in exchange for my services to read your book. I'm an English teacher who's been writing for most of my life--not newbie to this.

Gravatar Gary Smailes Mod Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

We have some plans for linking people up to act as beta readers, but they need some work. If anyone has ideas how to help anbuza, I'd love to hear.

Gravatar Barbara Martin Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Hi Anbuza, I"m interested in reading as a beta reader. (Never have done this before, so perhaps you can offer what the expectations are?) My project is a memoir, not sure if that would interest you, but I am getting close to the final draft. Let me know?