Traditional or Self Publish?

General • Asked 27 days ago by Karen Janowsky

Gravatar Karen Janowsky Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Hi Everyone!

I self published the first three books Gary edited for me, but, at his enouragement, I've been looking for an agent or small publisher for Book 4. It's mixed genre and even though it contains superheroes, it's very much character rather than plot driven. It's also got romance, LGBTQ, historical, and military fiction, plus some time travel mixed in (trust me it comes together really well, especially after Gary's help). So, it's been over a year now and I have an impressive collection of rejections. It seems a large part of the issue is that it's not just one thing, making it hard to pigeonhole and sell. I'm considering self-publishing instead, but I'm not sure at what point to pull the trigger as opposed to continuing to try. Traditional publishing is still my first choice, but I would like the book to see light of day at some point. Anyone else traditionally published? How long did it take to find your book a home? I'd love some advice.

Gravatar Gary Smailes Mod Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

It took me two years to find the right agent, but I was publishing with smaller, independant publishers before I managed to secure a major deal.

I think that finding an agent/publisher is as much about being at the right place, at the right time as anything else.

One thing I would say about Karen's books is that they are both amazing but also difficult to pigeon hole. I feel that Karen needs an agent that 'gets' what she's trying to do.