What are you writing?

General • Asked 27 days ago by Gary Smailes

Gravatar Gary Smailes Mod Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Welcome to the ProActive Writer forum.

I think a good way to kick things off is for you to use this as a chance to talk a little about the book you are writing.

I am working on a book about the best publishing choice for writers.

What about you? What are you writing?

Gravatar Lynn Hallbrooks Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

I'm currently working on a book related to my writing journey and ways what I learned might help others. My hope is that it will help out no matter how long someone has been writing and marketing their books.

Gravatar Gary Smailes Mod Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

This sounds really interesting Lynn.

Gravatar Mark Tucker Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Gary... thanks for creating this!

I'm currently working on a middle-grade action/adventure series. I've written two drafts of book one and the first draft of book two. I've started brainstorming the outline for book three... which is really my way of procrastinating on self editing before I deliver anything to a professional editor. I've got a decent workflow for drafting, but not so much for self editing yet.

Gravatar Teresa Watson Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Hello. I've just finished a stand alone novel, OUR NIPPER, set at the beginning of WW1 about a young lad's search for his siblings after they were sent to the workhouse.
I'm waiting for it to go 'live'.

Gravatar Barbara Martin Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

Hi everyone, I"m Barbara, and I am writing a memoir called "I See the Elephant." It is my true life struggle with being raised by narcissistic, abusive parents, and struggling through life with no sense of self-worth.
I am in hopes of being an inspiration to anyone who doubts their abilities, self-worth, and voice. I show how I consistently make damaging choices because of those beliefs, and how those choices affected my life. There is an event which makes this very clear to me, in a most unusual way, and I finally understand how our own mindset is so very powerful.

Gravatar Nicola Andersen Commented on Jun 15, 2020:

I'm writing an urban fantasy with dragon shapeshifters who are rebuilding their community and fighting racism/classism/evilness as embodied by the main antagonist that I almost immediately regretted killing in book 1 so I brought him back in book 2 with a vendetta against the main character. I actually wished that book wouldn't do well because it was such a mess but I guess I'm glad at least one of my books people find interesting enough to still read it after I've neglected writing. Writing now is a long slog for me as I'm also writing a master's dissertation about 13th century Baltic pike, and I've a baby who turns 1 next month, but I'm glad to be feeling fictional writing again after three long years of chronic migraine. (Defined as at least half of my days were migraine). I have missed having a writing community and would love to swap novels and have a pen pal to help hold me accountable to getting writing done.

Gravatar mcmahonshaun Commented on Jun 16, 2020:

Hi Gary,

This looks like an amazing place to connect with fellow authors!

My first book, called Fowl, is due out at the end of August and yesterday it was at #9 in the Amazon chart for "sports fiction for young adults - Hot new releases". It's the story of Bert who is a chicken who dreams of playing football for his local side, West Farthing F.C.

I'm working on the sequel at the moment but I've found that I've written myself in to a corner where Bert isn't the main focus of the story. If you were to remove him the story would still be there.

I'm just glad that I'm working on a word processor rather than writing by hand so amendments can be made easily :o)

Gravatar Ken Davey Commented on Jun 16, 2020:

Congratulations Gary on this new venture and “ Hello” to everyone.

As a new author, as yet unpublished, I write complex mystery and suspense crime thrillers using writing methods that challenge the traditional conventions.

I have recently completed my first novel - a 75,000-word mystery and suspense crime thriller:

“The Bar on the Corner” - a setting for betrayal, blackmail, collusion and… fear!

Subsequently, I have completed my research, structure and planning for my second book - a psychological thriller:

“Niobium" - a tale of father and daughter treachery and their ruin.

I have also completed a self-help book:

"Change Your Label: How revising your self-perception can influence the way other people see you".

Samples of my work can also be found on my website at: