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What's in the Book Marketing course?

  • 1. Big Ideas

    Book marketing is a logical and planned process. A successful campaign is built on three pillars... The first is getting people with influence to talk about your book. The second is attracting people who will love your book, and the third is building a system that captures potential readers. In short, Amplification, Attraction and Capture.

  • 2. Building Your Plan

    Knowing the theory is great but building a plan that will really work for you is what really matters. In this section you will discover how to develop a tailor-made marketing plan that works for you, learn that not every approach is suitable, and find out that gimmicks and quick fixes should be avoided.

  • 3. Getting People Talking

    The first pillar of your book marketing system will be getting people with influence to talk about your book. In this section you’ll learn what kind of people to approach and how to approach them (including email templates). You’ll also discover the secret of how to pitch your book and why other people will be interested in your story.

  • 4. Creating Your Funnel

    Forget the marketing jargon: a good funnel is the key to selling book. Getting people to hear about your book is essential but what do you do when they arrive at your site? You will discover the importance of a funnel and how you can build one for your book. You’ll discover the power of creating ‘content’, as well as using email to engage with potential readers.

  • 5. Using Email

    When was the last time you checked your email? I am guessing today… That’s why email is still the best way to keep in touch with potential readers. Capturing potential readers is one of the pillars of the marketing system. In this section, you’ll discover the power of email, how to use it to engage, and what you can do to sell more books.

  • 6. Taming Social Media

    Social Media is a great tool for amplifying your message. In this section, we’ll see how social media is just a tool you can tame. You’ll discover how to use social media to increase the power of your ‘voice’, how to engage more fully with potential reader, and how to get yourself ‘seen’ by the correct people.

  • 7. Attracting Readers

    Content marketing is just a posh name for creating content your readers will love (think blogging, though it could include videos etc.). If you can get people to your site then you have a chance of converting them into readers. In this section you’ll see why content marketing is so powerful, how to easily create content, and why collecting email addresses is so vital.

  • 8. Using Events

    Most of your marketing efforts will be focussed on online actives. However, venturing into the real world will help. This section looks at off line activities and how they can be used to help sell your book. You’ll discover how to use events to your advantage, how to make money from them and how they can be the stepping stone to bigger things.

  • 9. Professional Advice

    TThere's nothing better than seeing how theories are applied in the real world. In the final section you will get an insight into how other people have used this marketing system to sell books. You’ll see an interview with a professional marketer, a publishing professional, and a mega successful self-published writers.

Are you worried your book will not sell?

So… you’ve written your book and it’s up on Amazon waiting for readers but what's next?

There’s nothing more painful than putting a year of work into a project only to see it die a slow, painful death. Each year, thousands of great books go unread all because self-publishing writers have no idea how to let potential readers know the book exists.

The reality is that there are thousands of people who’d just love to read your book. No matter how niche, weird or just downright crazy you may think it is, there are enough people who think like you to make it worth your while. The problem is finding them.

You could do the usual, you know... a few half-hearted blog posts, a lame book signing that no one attends, or just keep your fingers crossed that Amazon will ‘recommend’ you, but let's be honest, we all know this is a recipe for failure.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your book can be one of the success stories. In this course you will learn a system that will help you avoid the pain of a book that fails to sell.

The solution taught in this course is simple to understand but will require you to do some work. I won't lie: the first few weeks will be hard, but as you build the system it will become easier and the work needed to consistently sell books will reduce dramatically.

How much work are we talking? Well, I’d say that once you’ve built your system a couple of hours a week will be enough to keep it ticking over with daily book sales.

Does this sound like a bit of a pain or too much work? Fine, you could always look for a quick fix. There are thousands of unsuccessful writers on the Internet happy to tell people their 'quick fixes' to selling more books. The question you have to ask yourself is if these people are so successful why have you never heard of their book?

Let’s face it…

Will writing a few blog posts or getting a handful of people to write reviews sell more books?

What about writing a batch of guest blog post or doing a signing in your local bookshop, will that work?

Perhaps (if you are lucky)… for a day or two, but no more.

In this book marketing system you’ll discover the secret to building a book marketing strategy that will work for years. It is not based on trendy tactics (do you still have that Google+ account? What about that Pinterest board that was going to attract readers?) but instead has been built from the ground up using solid, proven strategic thinking. This is the same system that businesses use to sell products all over the world. It is the same way Apple promotes its latest iPhone, or sites such as Twitter grow into mega-stardom and companies such as MacDonald’s continue to thrive in a crowded marketplace.

The course consists of a string of thirty minute lessons (video) with detailed accompanying text and exercises. This is no information dump; it is a logical and steady education, which you will follow step-by-step. You'll never be left isolated but slowly guided from one concept to the next.

You just need to follow each lesson and apply the advice given. In fact, you’ll even be able to pick and choose an approach that fits you, your book and your time.

You’ll need no new skills. In fact, if you can get a book up on Amazon then you already have all the skills you need to sell that same book.

So why haven’t you heard of this system before?

Actually, you probably have! You see it at work every day. It is just that you don't know what to look for! You probably already know a handful of the tactics. The thing is, they are not new, but that’s not where the value lies.

The real value of this system is just that: it is a system. It is a set of actions that work time and again to produce a set of results (in your case, selling books). The course will teach you a system you can apply time and again to consistently sell books over a long period of time.

So… if you are about to write a book, or have just published a book, or you have a book already out there, then this is the answer to the last piece of the self-publishing jigsaw.

Can you really afford to let a year’s worth of work go unread?

gary smailes

Gary Smailes

Founder at BubbleCow

As the founder of BubbleCow I come into contact with loads of self-publishing writers. I’ve edited hundreds of their books and had countless conversations about the problems they face... and you know what problem keeps popping up in these discussions? Book marketing. Seriously, at some point all writers bring up this topic. Looking for a quick trick or tip that can use to sell more books.

Look, I hate bullshit so let me give it to you straight. If your book isn’t selling it is for one of two reasons. Either it is rubbish or you are not getting enough people to know about your book. The equation is pretty simple: there are enough people out there just like you, who like the same things as you like, to make your book a success. You just need to discover a way to find them.

The system I am teaching in this course is what puts food on my table and a roof over my kid's heads. It is a combination of the marketing strategy we’ve successfully used to build BubbleCow and the way I’ve seen traditional publishers sell my books over the years (I write history books for kids).

The system works. This is no ideal boast. The fact you are reading this page is testament to the system’s success.

Think about it. How did you hear about this course? Email? Blog post? Listening to me on a podcast? Perhaps one of our partners talked about the course?

This was no accident. It was a deliberate system I put in place to promote the course.

The no bullshit pitch is this… if you apply the techniques I teach in the course you will sell more books.