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Are you Looking to sell Your Book’s International Publishing Rights?

25 March 2013 - Agents, Get Published - garysmailes - No Comments

There’s a grey cloud hanging over the publishing industry, and I don’t mean the doom and gloom as speculation mounts over the future of books. Nor am I talking about the phenomenal of that well-known (and much derided in some quarters) trilogy. I’m referring to the grey areas of publishing that are regarded as somewhat [...]

How to Optimize Your Amazon Book Page to Sell More Books

23 January 2013 - Amazon, Self-Publish - garysmailes - 5 Comments

When you first upload your book to Amazon it can be pretty scary. They ask for a stack load of information without ANY indication of which bits will help with sales and which are just there because they need to be. As part of our Uploading to Amazon online course we teach writers that they [...]

28 Blogs Every Writer Should Read

14 January 2013 - Get Published - garysmailes - 15 Comments

Here’s a list of some of the blogs for writers we read on a regular basis. Feel free to add any blogs we have missed to the comments. Andrew Lownie Literary Agency: UK literary agent blogging from an agent’s viewpoint. Authors on Show: Blog for Authors on Show website, lots of marketing stuff. Author Marketing [...]

The Secret of Giving Your Book Away For Free

6 January 2013 - Book Marketing, Self-Publish - garysmailes - No Comments

In this article I will show you how you can give your book away for free and still get real value from the exercise. I will demonstrate that both competitions and free pricing have the benefit of gathering reviews and building your fan base. Charles A Cornell is a typical self-published writer. He has a [...]

Should Writers pay for Professional Services?

6 January 2013 - Self-Publish - garysmailes - 2 Comments

In this article I ask if seeking professional help (editing, cover design, ebook conversion etc.) is really beneficial. We look at the areas where self-publishing writers spent money and discover if this had a long term benefit on their book sales. At the start of 2012 Dave Cornford and Steven Lewis set out to survey [...]

5 Top Tips to Making Your Cover Look Professional

6 January 2013 - Cover Design, Self-Publish - garysmailes - 4 Comments

In this article professional cover designer Kura Carpenter provides five tips to producing a professional cover design. You will discover the one key secret to a great cover design, whilst also being shown a step-by-step process to producing a great book cover design. When Gary asked me to write a guest blog post on “5 [...]

Here is a Proven Method That Helps Writers to Research Their Books

6 January 2013 - Better Writing - garysmailes - No Comments

For a number of years I worked alongside writer Terry Deary, helping him to research a number of the Horrible Histories titles. In this article you will discover the secrets I learned that allow me to quickly research information that could be used to write books. You will also discover how to focus your efforts [...]

Do you fit the Profile of a Successful Self-Published Writer?

6 January 2013 - Self-Publish - garysmailes - 3 Comments

In this article I will show you the characteristics of a self-publishing writer who is most likely to succeed. This will allow you to recognise what aspects of your writing are likely to bring success, and to also see what aspects you are missing and may wish to add to your self-publishing recipe. At the [...]

How to Approach a Literary Agent (Written by a real life AP Watt Agent)

6 January 2013 - Agents, Book Proposal, Get Published - garysmailes - 4 Comments

In this article AP Watt Agent Juliet Pickering outlines the best way to approach an agent with your book. She explains the role of an agent, what they are looking for and throws in a few insider secrets that will increase the chances of your book being accepted. The Role of an Agent I spend [...]

The Query Letter That Won Me An Agent And A Four Book Deal (And Why It Was So Successful)

6 January 2013 - Book Proposal, Get Published - garysmailes - 1 Comment

In this article I will show you how to write a query letter that is able to convince agents and publishers that your book has the potential to be published. I will also show you how to avoid writing a query letter that fails to address key issues and misses important information. I can trace [...]